5 Star Super Deluxe Nile Cruises

Nile Cruise Travel Gives you the opportunity to enjoy sailing the majestic Nile River peacefully, swaying with its calm waves, exploring the mysteries of the Pharaohs starting with the fascinating Thebes which was the capital of Upper Egypt for centuries and now known as Luxor; the world's most famous open-air museum, then cross Esna Lock cruising down to the west back of the Nile River, about sixty miles south of Luxor visiting the Falcon King Horus in Edfu who was Son of Isis & Osiris,  after that you will visit Kom-Ombo, about 28 miles north of Aswan seeing  Sobek & Haroeris Temples. Then passing by the sunny southern Aswan or Low Nubia with its African spirit and colorful markets finally ending by Lake Nasser hosting the extraordinary Abu Simbel temples; the most impressive temples built for king Ramses II and his beautiful beloved wife Nefertari.


One of the most enjoyable experiences is to float serenely down the river on an air conditioned luxury ship for some days. All of them have swimming pools, bars, restaurants and almost every facility. You will hardly believe your eyes when you experience the land of the Pharaohs.


We're happy to offer our market experience to help you get the best value. With our allotments on the major Nile cruise lines, we guarantee the best rates and services.

5 Star Super Deluxe Nile Cruises

Oberoi Philae, Amarco I, Amarco II, Sonesta Star Goddess, Sonesta Moon Goddess, Sonesta Sun Goddess, Sonesta Nile Goddess, Sonesta St. George, Concerto, Farah


5 Star Deluxe Nile Cruises

Adonis, Al Jamila, Al Kahila, Beau Soleil, Crowne Jewel, Crowne Prince, Emilio Domina Prestige, Iberotel Crowne Emperor , Iberotel Crowne Empress, Imperial, Jaz Jubilee, Jaz Legacy, Jaz Minerva, Jaz Regency, Jaz Royale, Jaz Senator, Miss world, Mojito, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nile Dolphin, Nile Festival, Nile Romance, Nile Ruby, Nile Shams, Nile Story, Nile Vision, Princess Sara, Regent, Royal Ruby,Royal Lily, Royal Lotus, Radamis I, Radamis II, Ti Yi, Tower Prestige, Tu Ya


5 Star Superior Nile Cruises 

Helio, Lady Diana, Nile Monarch

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